Sophia Bryan is an internationally recognized leader, speaker, mentor, coach as well as an advocate for the rights of women. She is dedicated to helping women and men unearth and develop their leadership potential so that they can build their confidence, increase their influence, earn respect and more money in their businesses and careers. Sophia is especially passionate about helping women achieve these results. 

Sophia’s motivation and drive to develop human potential was born out of her humble beginnings. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Sophia grew up in Seaview Gardens and raised by her older sister due to the passing of her mother at the age of three years old. Despite challenging circumstances, Sophia managed to thrive academically and received scholarships that enabled her complete her schooling. Sophia always displayed leadership potential which was acknowledge by her teachers and peers who encouraged her to take on leadership roles and positions at school and in her home community. As a result of her determination to be an example to other persons from the inner-city, Sophia became the first person in her immediate family to graduate from university. 

Challenging financial circumstances caused Sophia to enter the world of work at the age of 16. Her work experience eventually gave her the exposure to support business owners in the fields of international trade and law as well as state run agencies.

Sophia has worked on projects valuing as much as 22 million US dollars. 


Sophia is the founder of the brand Business Support Guru International that provides consulting, coaching and legal support services to impact driven organisations and entrepreneurs. 

Sophia is the creator of the 12 week Coaching Program called “Accelerate Your Leadership” for women who have a desire to be recognized as leaders in their chosen profession.  

Sophia’s mission driven mindset led her to start Women of Unlimited Worth, a non profit organization with a mission to empower women through healthy relationships education, leadership development, entrepreneurship support and career planning guidance. Sophia is a final year student at the Norman Manley Law School and holder of a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of the West Indies. She has also successfully completed a graduate level course in leadership at George Mason University in the United States of America. passionate about legislative reform concerning the rights of women. 

Sophia is the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence in Leadership. She is also a recipient of the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development Work. Sophia serves her country, Jamaica as a Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth. She is also a United States Department of State Fellow.

Sophia enjoys traveling to different countries and fully emerging herself in their culture. Sophia enjoys cooking for friends and family and writing her thoughts in one of her many journals.