Meet Sophia

Leadership & Business Development Strategist

6 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing with with my Business Consulting and Professional Development start up. I’d look at the experts in my arena and wonder how they got to where they were. How they were teaching such valuable information, living such wonderful lives, and able to achieve financial success pursuing the things that set their hearts on fire. But then one day, I decided to stop looking at all those leaders...and become one myself.


At the time, I was struggling with my sense of identity and how I would position myself in the market place. I felt a great deal of insecurity around my age, my very humble background and whether I was even qualified to be supporting business owners with building their businesses. I questioned whether I could really make an impact and whether I could speak on international stages, travel and engage people from all over the world.


I felt trapped. Like I wouldn’t be able to gain confidence and live the abundant life I dreamed of.


But then things changed. I found my stride. And I developed my own, powerful techniques to get ahead. And doing so has helped me in numerous ways, like being able to find my inner drive; position myself as a global leader; build meaningful relationships; advise leaders and government officials from North America and the Caribbean; support and inspire young entrepreneurs.


But I didn’t want to keep this knowledge inside. I wanted others to have this same feeling. To know that they, too, are unstoppable.